Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas (late) Oh and Happy New Years!

Well I think I never post anymore haha ! But I've been out of town for the past week we just got back :( Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas ! What ya get? Well I got A really cute bed set It's pink, and black, and white Striped with polka dot sheets hehe It's really cute I'll put a picture on here soon ! And got a lamp for my room , Just to let ya know I'm redecorating my room ! Pink and black ! Might sound weird but it's not that ugly hehe:p And when I was In Memphis I bought almost everything I needed like a rug and I pic collage I'ts black lol and pic frames stuff like that . Now all I need to do is paint my desk ! argghhh Not looking forward to it ! Oh yeah and I got these cute sight that are black haha and the say Paris and one says hope . And a really neat pink clock since I didn't have one in my room my grandma got me it for Christmas . I can't believe I spent all my babysitting money on it but I'm really glad I did! cuz my room as looking a little um shabby , too pink and orange lol ! Well my plans for new years day are we are foing to thoses peoples house that well you know the ones we brought to the Christmas dinner at church anyways they invited us over to their house I don't know what we are gonna do I guess freeze outside haha :<<<< And I gotta wake up early because they live kinda far away so I can't stay up till twelve I mean I can But I'll Be falling asleep tomorrow :((( But I'll try !!!!!!! I better go just wanted to say Hi oh and Hi Naomi ! ttyall laterz *callie* ps: I forgot to take the camera so no new pics of Mags ans Anna but Maggie just started walking I was very sad to leave :((( Shes really cute !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stuff like uhhh?

So I have been pretty busy lately ! Fun I love being busy like Christmas shopping yay i have gotten everybody but my dads ,Wills and Moms . I already know what I'm getting Mom so the problem is Will and dad gift certificates work GREAT THOUGH lol !!!! And i have been babysitting a ton i got this new job yesterday with this 9 month old baby and she is really clingy so every time i put her down she would start to fuss and make all these sad little faces she was so cute i couldn't resist so my back is kinda hurting hehe but it's all good ! And then this one little baby that i watched all weekend she kinda like her but not as much so thet was good ! Her name is Jesse she is soooooo adorably cute ! I have like a million pics of er in my fone lol :p Another little bit of news is that HANNAH MONTANA/Miley Cyrus is here tonight and i'm so upset tht i can't go I know a ton of ppl that are going arrggghhh it's all my dads fault he coulda gotten me tickets ! He hates Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus though he thinks shes gonna turn into Brittney Spears or sumpin but i know shes nt hehe well I hope she doesnt cuz shes really neat now ! Oh and the glorious cold i just got over two days ago reappered this morning arrggghh im so mad I mean I just got over it it really stinks ! Well I better go I have to eat soup yuk hehe ttyl yall *Callie* (if anything like some of my letters are missing in my words sorry didnt c it my cuputer is running really slow and doesn't catch everything i write )

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Maggie Falling!

This video is pretty funny, Maggie was trying to eat cake and since she can't walk yet she let go of the chair and fell you have to watch her the whole time lol cya*callie*

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Family pics

Joni and I at Fountain Square Ice-sktn
George and Joni :p
Wow Maggie Wierd face !!!
Maggie loved playing in the drawers lol she made soo many messes with it but it was so cute to watch !
I think this pic is HILARIOUS! mom was playin Mcdonalds with Anna lol

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving pictures!

Mags playing in the cabinet
Mom reading to mags

She loved playing the piano lol

My family came here for thanksgiving this year ! So here are the pics

My terrible day !!!!!!!!

Well my day started out extremely Early and going to the stinken orthodontist after i got my braces it didn't hurt at all then two hours later the pain started coming OH MY WORD it hurts sooooooo bad my whole face feels numb I'm not kidding i hate this i want to rip the stupid things out of my mouth !!!!!!!!! So my diet is strictly mashed potatoes good thing i like em lol. Brushing my teeth hurts well i need to get of i feel a migraine coming! *Callie*

Friday, November 23, 2007

hi mags an anna are here :p

Well this has to b fast cuz im rely buzy, But mags an anna r here and adorable as ever mags jibber jabbers all the time lol so cute (tute) as anna calls it well i gtg ttyl later ppls ~*callie*~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I got a bebo!

Hey ppl i got a bebo yay but the only problem is that u ppl don't have one so like u can get on it but u can't write comments or anything cuz u have to b a member so u have to get one they r way better than blogs ,blogs r soooooooooo boring compared to this so anyway this is the address to it . . Ok well i gtg guess wat Emily is taking her third drivers test right now yeh its rely early and i have already dun some school haha well at least im not bein lazy i got up at 7:00 this morning yaya me ttyl ~*Callie*~

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Im here !

Yeah well i got my computer fixed yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I can't post much 2day but anyway just wanted to let ppl know that i am still alive he he :B So just a little update on Maggie she is turning one on Wednesday ! I can't believe it time has gone bye so fast it's really sad :( And 2day is her party but we aren't able to go because it's so far away it's SO terrible :( But oh well she is coming at the end of the month for Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!! I'm so excited also Anna is coming too ha ha yeah but Anna is turning 4 on Nov. the 12 Its terrible she is getting so old but anywhoo just to gibe y'all and update gyg ~*Callie*~

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm back !

Well just wanted to say I'm back and my computer was sooooooo messed up it was awfull ! 8 days almost of having noooooo computer well gotta go bye*CaLLiE*

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some stuff I have been doing

Well yesterday was Samantha's Funeral :( It was so terribly sad but it was also very beautiful . And this past couple of weeks I have been scrap booking more finally thought I would never finish my book but, I almost am ! And most of my pages are on Maggie and Anna who else lol :) And I did a page on youth camp and, I will be doing page on the wedding as soon as I get the pictures! And today I have been cleaning and doing laundry I cleaned my room and the bathroom yuk I hate cleaning the bathroom but OH well what do you expect Emily is gone or was gone last night and this morning she is babysitting all day so I do the cleaning ! Oh yeah and all day Thursday I babysat for Three girls under the age of four and a 6 year old boy so yeah kinda busy ha ha. Well gonna go bye ~*CaLLiE*~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Samantha

I don't know if may of you knew about Samantha but, She was born May 9th 2007 she was born with a disease called Trisomy 18 . She was not expected to live she has struggled breathing all this time and finally last night at 6:30 she went to heaven . These are pictures of baby Samantha when she was at our house .
Samantha and I

My dad and her brothers and sister going for a ride on the tractor :)I hope yall will pray for their family they are so sweet and we will miss her very very
much .

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding video and other random thoughts :-o

Here is a video of wedding , I hope people actually put comments on here I would really like that mmhmm! So lately I haven't been doing much.I mean if you want to count school as doing something I guess thats it :-D Haha (not) We had a youth activity the other night it was pretty fun :-p And We should have a canoeing youth trip coming up In a couple of weeks yay ! You will probably think I'm weird or something but actually I have never been canoeing ! So I'm really stoked !:) Well I want to go it is way to pretty outside to be on this annoying computer lol cyallsoon bye *~CaLLiE*~

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding pictures!

Hey everybody by the looks of it really nobody has been on my blog lately so hopefully more people will get on :b So anyway my brother George just got married this past Saturday and the wedding was a blast !!!! It was also very pretty here are some pics of the wedding and on down are some of the rehearsal dinner the night before . Well I hope you enjoy looking at the pics I'll put some more on later OK luyall *~CaLLiE*~

more lol

Here is Will Emily and I at the wedding :p All dressed up :)

My brother George and Joni !
Cutting the cake
Maggie fell asleep right as the reception began haha but she was so good through the whole thing
The only pic we could snap of Anna lol she is a crazy girl but soo adorable !

more pictures !

Will and Maggie at the rehersal dinner

Me and Emily Saturday morning getting our hair done for the Wedding !
That is a terrible pic of me yuk !Oh and btw that lady was killin my head :<

What it looked like (we were takin pics on the way there lol)

reharsal and wedding pictures !!!

here are just some of the pics from the rehersal dinner Friday night at the Pier :)

me and Maggie and my Grandma.

Just Maggie and Dad :)lol

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

back to normal life I guess ;-p

Well school is back in and so is homework ,and listening to those same old boring teachers all day every day lol but it's OK I mean summer was kinda boring this year . But I still got to go to a couple of camps and stuff so it really wasn't that bad ;) I'm so glad cuz i saw like my bestest friend ever the other day at my old church, we were really good friends so that was cool and then yesterday i saw my other really good friend from that same church too that was cool too !! So we are gonna start talking again well gtg bye

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maggie and Will

Hey this is a new Video of my niece Maggie ! Well anywhoo cyall later ~Callie~

Monday, August 20, 2007

hi :)

Well I'm back and i didn't get to post all the pictures of Maggie that I wanted to but , anyway I thought I thought I would post this cute one! She is soo sweet and i already miss her . This was at my brother George's graduation she was kinda bored so there is always a purse around lol :) well i need to go bye Love ~*Callie*~ Her so adorable you can't deny it can you :):):) you know it

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sry left out stuff

well btw i left out some really important things in my latest post my bother George graduated from Memphis State University this Sunday !!! He is awesome :) and i took a couple of pix of Maggie and my bro at the graduation so hopefully when i get home i will put those pix on. Well right now i need to pack up im leaving tomorrow morning :(:(:( im really sad but ill be down in less than a month :) well se yall soon and i dont really miss ky sry just can't :-p its not that i don't like it its just that i love it here ;) i miss some of my friends i guess lol but anywhoo cyall soon luvya~*Callie*~ PS: I'M PROUD OF MISELF I ONLY PACKED 5OR SIX FLIP-FLOPS but u know i had to take more than just flip-flops no brainer :0 lol bye

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hi and no im not back yet :) yay !!!

Well im am in Memphis tn. right know and i have had such a crzy wild well u know one of those weeks my bro george is getting married in less than a month so me and Emily and will are in the wedding CAN'T WAIT! so that meant had to get fitted for dresses tuxes and get shoes which meant shopping normaly i love shoppin but not this kind lol i got this really pretty dress to wear for the wedding it's so neat emily is goin to be a bridesmaid too but she is wearin a different dress than me . And then Will is goin to be an usher no not the rapper haha that would be weird but u know what that is he has this sweet awsome tux that he is goin to wear ist chocolate colored :) Oh yeah and then we have to go to joni's (my future sis inlaw ) bridal shower and it waz extremly boring cuz all these old ppls i didnot know where all southern like u know emily and me where the only kids their so they were like awww how cute georges sisters annoying lol but it waz fine :) and lets see tomorow im goin to see my other grandma that lives about 1hour and a half from here and stuff soo more buzyness ahh well cu all soon enough luv bein here though ohh little updat on maggie she adorable and soo cute luv her sooo much !! oh and btw its like 106 degrees here very hott so not outside much lol but i love hot weather so dosnt bother me well need to go luv ya ~*Callie*~

Thursday, August 2, 2007

stuff !

This is from Tuesday nights softball game just some pix and the ones @the bottom r from jungle Jim's today we went with the stampers this has to be really quick sorry :( ally an me
courtney an me @ supper :)
all of us in brooklyns sweet car :p
will kissing a pigs head @ jungle jims

a goats head ewwww gross

Monday, July 30, 2007

Me back :p bet ur happy

Hey well I'm back and I know ur happy I wanted to put pixs of miself just because I have hardly put any pixs of miself on here so just deal w/ it lol :) OK this week when my parents were gone I did some stuff like cleaned the house and more cleaning and just things like that fun huh ! No it really wasn't that bad :o just me he he
hey I m just crazy lol
Trying to go cross eyed but it hurt what can I say I'm just blonde I can't REALLY help it (or can I )

i waz singin BOP TO THE TOP haha hey ally :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

bye :)

Oh well I'm ahh not to upset about it but my parents r leaving town for their 20th wedding anniversary so I m not going to be able to be on the computer this is my last post for a while :( I won;t miss posting but I will miss being on a lot probably Myholiness .com :( well anyway I need to go c everybody soon bye

Monday, July 23, 2007

Maggie is coming soon :o

Yeah I think Maggie is coming really soon within the next two weeks ! I m so excited I haven't seen her in months :( she defiantly gotten a lot bigger than this picture she says stuff like dadda now isn't that adorable ! Shes really chubby and fat now lol I like chubby babies I think that's cute :p well I better go but have a great day ~Callie~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my two days at ohio youth camp !!!

So i went to Ohio youth camp for two days Monday and Tuesday :) I wish i could of stayed the whole week but I wasn't able to ;( I had a lot of FUN :) I went to the main camp so I knew some of the people that were there ! I didn't get on a team cuz I was staying such a short amount of time that was kinda saddening but I liked hanging out and watching everybody play the sports lol ! The bad thing was that it rained a lot yesterday and that kinda put a damper on playing sports ;( But it was still a ton of fun a !!!! I really mad cuz summer's almost over it seems .that means all the camps are over with oh well that's fine ;-p I'm so worn out from nothing ha ha I guess just sleep deprivation lol well gtg bye ~Callie~

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Coney Island :o

OK so I went to Coney Island with Tristen and Will took Kenny yesterday we had a really fun time:) Since they only have one roller coaster we rode it Three times lol . And we did the paddle boats and Tristen and I had our own boat and so did Will ans Kenny and Tristen wanted to tell the boys something and we accidentally bumped into each other and Tristen fell in the lake!!! It was kinda funny later on though lol ! Tristen and I having fun ;)
Will and Kenny lol ,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emily an I

I don't think I've put many pix of Emily an I on my blog :) She wasn't very happy about getting her pic made ha ha ! luvya callie :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

more pix

I brought two cameras the other night when I saw My pen-pal and I just got these new pics off the second camera so here' s more from Saturday night :) Olivia and I all four of us my sis is pen-pals with Olivias older sis. so she is standing next to her :)
Emily with Christina Atherton (olivia's sister)
:-p Have a great day!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

meeting a pen-pal !

this weekend I got to meet a pen-pal Her name is Olivia and I have been writing to her for about 2-3 years ! we went to her house their family was having a picnic with some of their friends :) And they invited our family to come and see them they live in St. Paul IN, SO not that far away !We took a lot of pix some were crazy ! It was so much fun being able to see her :D Olivia and I last night at they're house :) Oh yeah and we played v-ball all day and that explains my severe sunburn haha !
I'm never normal I guess ?
Me the giant !
Hey I was being normal LOL
that was wasn't being normal hehe