Wednesday, February 27, 2008

~ Time to post ~

Hi :) I think It's about time to post , I really never get around to it anymore .Well I'm glad that it rained yesterday and we didn't get snow haha !!! I am really getting tierd of snow blah...... When I went sleding last week , It , the hill was covered in ice , so I went flying down the hill and lost control and went facefoward into the ice ! I cut my face up pretty good :( Thankfully it looks better this week !! so I found out from Emily just a couple of minutes ago. That a family that I babysit for needed me tomorow , thats not a problem I guess but, I already have a job tomorow afternoon after school ,soo... I have to get up really early finish most of my school go babysit in the morning through afternoon ( I have to bring my school while I babysit of course while they are sleeping haha) Then after that job go on to another right after it :(:(:( ahhhhh Oh well Oh my goodness I just looked outside it's snowing AGAIN NOOOO I'm gonna cry hehe not lol wellz Iza better go love ya MUAHHH haha *callie*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I got sick today Fun ! I have counted my fifth cold this season gotta love it ! I've been pretty busy lately :) I went roller blading Friday night !!! And Monday I went Ice- Skating ! And school ,and babysitting :) I made this cake for Valentines day last week , all by myself hehe .

My dad went to San Diego last week and got me this really cool shirt ! Its a thing everytime my dad goes on buisness trips he buys us a shirt from were he went !! I've gotten like five this past year lol Well I need to go blow my nose bye *callie*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WILL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

since I'm such a mean and bad Brother i decided to leav a mark on callies blog while she was logged in but didn't know it.Well there isn't much going on right now except this.And just to let you all know I put a new post on my blog so ya'll check it out,I changed it all upWill

The fan dance!

Just a couple of minutes ago Emily and I were REALLY bored so she started taking some socks off my bed and throwing them at my fan ! Well then she started throwing pajamas :p Its pretty funny !!! hahaha

We ae stuck !!!

Just a really quick update , I'ts been snowing all day! And the Fed Ex lady was delivering a package to our door and her truck got stuck ! So I don't think we will be getting out today :( Oh and at the exact same time she got stuck and mom had to help her get out , The horses got loose and started running around in the neighbors yard !! AGHHH TERRIBLE DAY :(

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do ya'll like it?

I got that music thing down at the bottom of my page , I put it down there because if I put it on the side it would cut half of it off. I love all kinds of music so I have lot's on there :) My favorite is the one by Rascal Flatts " Elsworth" :) Mom put on Phil Collins "Groovy Kind Of Love " haha she is so weird ! I made A Valentine cake yesterday It was really cute I made it with the kids I babysat :p I didn't burn it at all !!! It was really good .

It is sooo cold today :( I wanna MOVE ARGGHHHH I can't wait till spring !!! All I have heard today was bangs next to my window , Because the huge chunks of Ice on our roof keep falling ! I haven't felt like school today haha, I was so bored when I was studying for my history test my eyes hurt too lol :) I love complaining !! hehe I can't wait till Monday either OFF SCHOOL !! YAY I wanna go ice skating at fountain Square ? But not if it's cold !! I can't wait to wear normal cloths like t-shirts and flip - flops And not fat ugly coats, and sweatshirts that are against looking normal , did that make sense ? I don't think so hmmm nothing much else is going on well I better go but if i don't post ti'll Valentines day have a good one ! (mine will be boring Ill prolly Babysit oh well ttyl )

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

14 Things about me :p

I know I'm taking this from Emily's blog and Courtney's but oh well I hvae to have sum sort of inspiration for my post :) and no that wasnt about me but I couldn't figure out how to do it so whatever? 2.Well I was born in Memphis Tn 3. I have 3 brothers and 1 sis. 4. I hate cats ! 5. I love old movies 6. I wish I lived in Cali when it is always warm ! 7. I hate txting somebody if they don't txt me first :( 8. I love swimming :D.9. I hate Valentines day because I just get fat eating chocolate :( . 10 I like having lot's of friends around me instead of just one . 11 I love reading fashion magazines (I could spend hours doing it ).12 I wanna go to Paris someday. 13 I want to move down south soon I don't really like the north haha ! 14 I love Jesus with all my heart He is my best friend I want him do do whatever he wants with me ! I love Him :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Horse's

I don't think I have posted many pic of our horses Buster and Gem( trust me we didn't name them haha) Any way I just took these pics Because they have there winter coats, and it's so pretty !!! anyway just wanted to post my boys cyall
I was running Gem on his lead he is so cute!
ewww don't look at me (hey now I had to stay warm!)

I love this picture ! *callie*

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Weekend has been ......

To many words to describe it!And it's only 1:30 !! Ok it all saterted yesterday at 5:00 pm I had to go babysit overnight by myself , Emily was going to go with me since this would be my first time to spend the night In a terrible lonely, dark, forsaken house all by myself (with three kids haha)But she didn't ! (meanie!) So I got their did the usuall fed them , read books, watched a movie ..... Then I put them to bed at 8:30 And I was on my own from then on :( Thanku Kyla , Katrin , Esther for putting up with me hehe ! I watched a movie and read magazines and talked on the phone till 1 something ? Then my cell phone battery went dead and the house battery went dead , So I was up forever trying to find the blasted hook to put the phone on !!! I went to sleep around 2:00 and got up around 6:00 because the baby was crying , fed her .then I did some dishes then the other kids woke up and my day started I really don't feel like telling you any more haha bye*callie*