Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some stuff I have been doing

Well yesterday was Samantha's Funeral :( It was so terribly sad but it was also very beautiful . And this past couple of weeks I have been scrap booking more finally thought I would never finish my book but, I almost am ! And most of my pages are on Maggie and Anna who else lol :) And I did a page on youth camp and, I will be doing page on the wedding as soon as I get the pictures! And today I have been cleaning and doing laundry I cleaned my room and the bathroom yuk I hate cleaning the bathroom but OH well what do you expect Emily is gone or was gone last night and this morning she is babysitting all day so I do the cleaning ! Oh yeah and all day Thursday I babysat for Three girls under the age of four and a 6 year old boy so yeah kinda busy ha ha. Well gonna go bye ~*CaLLiE*~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Samantha

I don't know if may of you knew about Samantha but, She was born May 9th 2007 she was born with a disease called Trisomy 18 . She was not expected to live she has struggled breathing all this time and finally last night at 6:30 she went to heaven . These are pictures of baby Samantha when she was at our house .
Samantha and I

My dad and her brothers and sister going for a ride on the tractor :)I hope yall will pray for their family they are so sweet and we will miss her very very
much .

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding video and other random thoughts :-o

Here is a video of wedding , I hope people actually put comments on here I would really like that mmhmm! So lately I haven't been doing much.I mean if you want to count school as doing something I guess thats it :-D Haha (not) We had a youth activity the other night it was pretty fun :-p And We should have a canoeing youth trip coming up In a couple of weeks yay ! You will probably think I'm weird or something but actually I have never been canoeing ! So I'm really stoked !:) Well I want to go it is way to pretty outside to be on this annoying computer lol cyallsoon bye *~CaLLiE*~

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding pictures!

Hey everybody by the looks of it really nobody has been on my blog lately so hopefully more people will get on :b So anyway my brother George just got married this past Saturday and the wedding was a blast !!!! It was also very pretty here are some pics of the wedding and on down are some of the rehearsal dinner the night before . Well I hope you enjoy looking at the pics I'll put some more on later OK luyall *~CaLLiE*~

more lol

Here is Will Emily and I at the wedding :p All dressed up :)

My brother George and Joni !
Cutting the cake
Maggie fell asleep right as the reception began haha but she was so good through the whole thing
The only pic we could snap of Anna lol she is a crazy girl but soo adorable !

more pictures !

Will and Maggie at the rehersal dinner

Me and Emily Saturday morning getting our hair done for the Wedding !
That is a terrible pic of me yuk !Oh and btw that lady was killin my head :<

What it looked like (we were takin pics on the way there lol)

reharsal and wedding pictures !!!

here are just some of the pics from the rehersal dinner Friday night at the Pier :)

me and Maggie and my Grandma.

Just Maggie and Dad :)lol

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

back to normal life I guess ;-p

Well school is back in and so is homework ,and listening to those same old boring teachers all day every day lol but it's OK I mean summer was kinda boring this year . But I still got to go to a couple of camps and stuff so it really wasn't that bad ;) I'm so glad cuz i saw like my bestest friend ever the other day at my old church, we were really good friends so that was cool and then yesterday i saw my other really good friend from that same church too that was cool too !! So we are gonna start talking again well gtg bye