Friday, August 29, 2008

Im soooo mad about this!!

It's so annoying I can't post pictures Right now, because For some reason my computer won't let me upload them the right way!!!!!!!!UGGGHHH My computer finally starts working to a certain extent... and It won't let me put on pictures:( Sadnessss anyway School starts next week, Well not really school because i don't go any were I stay at home all winter doing Algebra fun fun lol:)This summer has gone by way to fast I can't remember half of what I did, lol I think I had to much going on ! Now a have to babysit half the week during school :(So I have to do a lot of extra school work whenever I can ... That doesn't really bother me haha what else is there to do anyway babysitting is fun so it's not like a job to me I love the kids I do it for, So it makes it a bunch better!!! Speaking of babysitting and the kids I do it for I'm going to Disney world on my spring break this coming April:)(With a family I babysit for:) The only thing I'm worried about is the 13 hour car ride to Florida!!!!Aghhhh Thank goodness it's pretty much a year away lol!
As long as I don't have to get my picture taken with Winnie the poo I'm alll good :)haha But any way I gotta go I will pit new pics on soon I have lot's so byezzz ♥Me

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm here:) yayaya

I finally am here, In Memphis!!Im at my brothers George's now staying with Maggie and Anna:)They have gotten so so big:(Maggie isn't a baby anymore:(But she is so sweet she never stops talking, I missed her very badly!! Ill get pics on soon but I gtg Love ♥ CaLliE

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am Alive!!!

Just a quick update...My computer is a goner:(So I have to go to the library ughhhh!!! Oh well maybe it will be fixed soon!!:)Thank the Lord for my phone I have internet on it so I can atleast check my mail but anyway i gtg♥u