Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas (late) Oh and Happy New Years!

Well I think I never post anymore haha ! But I've been out of town for the past week we just got back :( Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas ! What ya get? Well I got A really cute bed set It's pink, and black, and white Striped with polka dot sheets hehe It's really cute I'll put a picture on here soon ! And got a lamp for my room , Just to let ya know I'm redecorating my room ! Pink and black ! Might sound weird but it's not that ugly hehe:p And when I was In Memphis I bought almost everything I needed like a rug and I pic collage I'ts black lol and pic frames stuff like that . Now all I need to do is paint my desk ! argghhh Not looking forward to it ! Oh yeah and I got these cute sight that are black haha and the say Paris and one says hope . And a really neat pink clock since I didn't have one in my room my grandma got me it for Christmas . I can't believe I spent all my babysitting money on it but I'm really glad I did! cuz my room as looking a little um shabby , too pink and orange lol ! Well my plans for new years day are we are foing to thoses peoples house that well you know the ones we brought to the Christmas dinner at church anyways they invited us over to their house I don't know what we are gonna do I guess freeze outside haha :<<<< And I gotta wake up early because they live kinda far away so I can't stay up till twelve I mean I can But I'll Be falling asleep tomorrow :((( But I'll try !!!!!!! I better go just wanted to say Hi oh and Hi Naomi ! ttyall laterz *callie* ps: I forgot to take the camera so no new pics of Mags ans Anna but Maggie just started walking I was very sad to leave :((( Shes really cute !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stuff like uhhh?

So I have been pretty busy lately ! Fun I love being busy like Christmas shopping yay i have gotten everybody but my dads ,Wills and Moms . I already know what I'm getting Mom so the problem is Will and dad gift certificates work GREAT THOUGH lol !!!! And i have been babysitting a ton i got this new job yesterday with this 9 month old baby and she is really clingy so every time i put her down she would start to fuss and make all these sad little faces she was so cute i couldn't resist so my back is kinda hurting hehe but it's all good ! And then this one little baby that i watched all weekend she kinda like her but not as much so thet was good ! Her name is Jesse she is soooooo adorably cute ! I have like a million pics of er in my fone lol :p Another little bit of news is that HANNAH MONTANA/Miley Cyrus is here tonight and i'm so upset tht i can't go I know a ton of ppl that are going arrggghhh it's all my dads fault he coulda gotten me tickets ! He hates Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus though he thinks shes gonna turn into Brittney Spears or sumpin but i know shes nt hehe well I hope she doesnt cuz shes really neat now ! Oh and the glorious cold i just got over two days ago reappered this morning arrggghh im so mad I mean I just got over it it really stinks ! Well I better go I have to eat soup yuk hehe ttyl yall *Callie* (if anything like some of my letters are missing in my words sorry didnt c it my cuputer is running really slow and doesn't catch everything i write )

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Maggie Falling!

This video is pretty funny, Maggie was trying to eat cake and since she can't walk yet she let go of the chair and fell you have to watch her the whole time lol cya*callie*

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Family pics

Joni and I at Fountain Square Ice-sktn
George and Joni :p
Wow Maggie Wierd face !!!
Maggie loved playing in the drawers lol she made soo many messes with it but it was so cute to watch !
I think this pic is HILARIOUS! mom was playin Mcdonalds with Anna lol