Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is a totally random post!

My sister just got back yesterday from babysitting for 5 days over night at this familys house , This is one of the kids . There are two boys This one is Elijah , the other ones name is Malachi . They are definitely hunky !!! The one below Is only ten months old !

I think we look alike don't you?
he looks like a heaving gerbil hahahahahhahahah jk he's cute :p

I love this pic isn't ti sweet Look at my eyelashes they are white weird! (I told you this was a random post!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My day ?

Ok so this has been my day so far , " please don't fall asleep from this post " Well I think I woke up then I packed for five minutes ,because I'm with Emily she is babysitting half a week and I'm staying with her tonight :p I FORGOT MY SHOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have no idea what to do! then I got ready , went to church , came to the ppls house Emily is babysitting for . And I made my own lunch I boiled water and put speghetti noodles in it Ha betcha can't beat that ! And then I put this desgusting Skyline chili over it ! If you like Skyline you're weird :D It taste like well, I probably shouldn't say haha. And then when I was eating I talked to Katrin while she heard my moaning about how gross it was :p Then I just pretty much did nothing Oh yeah I watched 4 min of a movie FUN (not) Oh yeah and I got on my bebo !!! After a couple of weeks you should look at it I have the link up their at the top !Well I need to go I have to make an important phone call lol cyall *callie*

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Im doing

well Monday I babysat , Tuesday I babysat, Wednesday I babysat , Today I babysat , Tomorow I babysit , Saturday I babysit ! Other than that I did school ! FUN so Im pretty uch sleep deprived :D tomorrow I'm going to GBS to the basketball tournaments !!! I am going to be the cheerleader Katrin haha actualy I used to be the cheerleader for the raiders hehe no jk :p well tomorrow I wanna get up at 6:00 cuz I have bunches to do (like my hair ) haha ttyall later *callie*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Emily got a blog!!!!!!!!!!

Well That old maid finally did it she got a blog ! See thats her in the backgrowned making it haha ! Pay no attention to my face lol I look like a blowfish on steroids neways ttyall laterz *callie*

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm gonna c Michael Buble`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So On Christmas day my dad said he had a surprise but he couldn't tell us yet . So Wednesday I ask em if he could tell me now and he was like well I think there is something going on , on March 15 and when he said it I knew that was what it was cuz that's the night of the concert !!!!!!! Yey I'm going to c Michael buble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought it would happen And I'm only a couple rows back so stoked :p This is totally of the subject but I just got in to yahoo and checked my mail and saw that they have a radio u can listen to on their I'm listening to it now It's really neat stuff random I know !ha ha well I will c ya laterz *Callie*

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm really excited bout something that my dad told me last night but , I'm not gonna tell ya yet !hehe cant' wait!

Friday, January 4, 2008


This is the bed set I was telling you about and all the things I got to go in my room I still need more but this is what I got . And the pic at the bottom was back On November30 when we went to the Creation museum I just haven't had anytime to post pics on here lately but finally today I have had some time ! Well better go bye*Callie*
This is the picture frame.

This was two days after I got my braces on so I was a little unhappy bout smiling !