Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm hungry !

I'm starving so much my hand is shaking as I write this post ! This is the best pic in my camera I'm sooo obsessed about food yum just look at it so good (my sister made it ) actually I m about to eat so I won't be starving ! Hey maybe I should talk about other things such as food I'm just bored and didn't know what to write about so I must go and eat bye ! ( note , that was a stupid post yep )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

youth camp pix ;)

Here is a weird little thang I did I took a pic of alll my pix from Al youth camp cuz I didn't take a digital camera so I know It's weird but hey at least u can see them right ! cul

Friends !

Well here's some pix I took this week while in Ohio OK I admit there pretty weird But hey Who do u think I am !


Hello :)

Well , I'm back ! I know ur all excited about that right !!! OK I went to Ohio Main Camp this past week . I t was a lot of fun we played Volleyball the entire week ! So I think I got a little practice in :) And guess what I got an account on !!! Finally I have been trying for three months I'm not kidding ! It's called Msgurl06 . The Ms part stands for Mississippi for any of those who don't know . Let's see today I have another art class @ 4-H that's just a place where you can take some really neat classes in the summer like really cool crafts , and sometimes my mom puts me in those terrible sewing classes yuk !!!! Well I must be on my way now ~Callie~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

5 min :)

OK I'm writing really fast I'm leaving in like 5 min to go to the Byers cuz I'm going to Ohio main camp I've already got the car packed and everything so I'm trying to get my mom out of the house to go ! ahhhh well thought I'd do this one last post since It will be a while till I can write another one ! hope you have a great week luv Callie:-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

GO OLE MISS REBELS!!!!! :) wohooooo

At our house we are all big ole miss fans . Its the football team for University of MS . And there mascot is Ole Miss ! My sister wanted me to put this pic of her on my blog . She got this hat when she went to MS this past week and she also got this really cool t-shirt that says Ole Miss with colonel Reb on it . nope It wasn't a stupid UK SHIRT ! I mean UK is OK but we are way cooler HUH ! Well I must be on my way I have more important things to do than right on my blog when nobody reads it , OH and by the way if your not a blog member you can now right on my blog I changed it to anybody could comment but please don't right anonymous :) I really like to see who rights on my blog It's better that way thanx! luv ya Cali

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birthday pics! ;P

Here are some pics from our b-day yesterday Will got a metal detector and I got a really neat digital camera it is white with really neat designs on it ! Way huh ! I luv it now I don't have to borrow my moms! :) Will was sooo excited he had no Idea he would get this !! he 's already found some neat stuff!
As u can tell by my facial expression I was screaming ( I was kinda surprised not kinda I was !

that's what it looks like from the box it's way cooler outside the box HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY TO WILL AND ME !!! ;) BYE BYE !


Well hi , guess what I have yet another camp 2 go 2 this coming Sunday it's Ohio main camp I'm going with Tristen Lee and Esther Byer ! Her Mom has 2 cook the meals so Esther wanted Tristen and me to go with her u know keep her company :) And like a week and a half after that I 'm probably going to Alabama main camp , and then a week after that I'm probably going to Ohio youth camp so I guess I won't be that bored this Summer yay!!!! I'll just get more of a severe sunburn joy! (not) right now I have the worst sunburn but It's getting better ! cul bye bye!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy birthday to me !!!!!

OK so this is just a random pic but my digital camera has no new pics but I just wanted to say youth camp so much fun I loved it and another awesome thing is that my b-day it tomorrow !!!!!!! happy birthday to me Oh and my brother will of course and he's only 12 minutes older than me .Drat ! oh well I love birthdays I wish I had some family to spend it with . When we lived in Mississippi we always went to the park and cooked out with my Grandma and my aunts and uncles but everybody has moved away kinda sad :( But it will still be great I'm going to get my pics developed of youth camp tomorrow yeah !!! so happy got some really good pics hopefully luv ya bye !!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm back :(

Well as u know I went 2 Alabama youth camp it was pretty fun well I'm hungry so I need 2 go eat (random thought) bye bye !

Friday, June 1, 2007

Messy disaster !

OK I guess my room wasn't to bad of mess ? Um then maybe it was ha ha .well I'm packing that's why so it's a mess . just a quick update ! bye bye (oh yeah I picked it up don't worry but why would you right)

Yeah let da Summer start !!!

I finished my achievement test this afternoon ahhh . I am just sooo thankful it is over . I mean it is not the easiest test ever like almost 100 math problems ;<>