Thursday, October 2, 2008

This week =)

So this week... business is all i gotta say haha!We have had people over for bonfires,babysitting ,and I worked in a nursery today for some co-op thingy ...Im soooo happy it's almost the weekend yaaaeehh!!!It's just mom and I This weekend everybody else it out of town in Memphis so were pretty much going to parT LOL!!!:)jk jk jk jk!Anywaysss this week has been great im sooo excited bout sumpin!!!but neway i'm not sayin haha but i gtg :)btw i think i'm putting pics on soon!!gotta go babysit now though ... lol what else do i do???


Katrin Elisabeth said...

Would you be happy about the special ahem???

Naomi said...

Hey Callie!
i know you never really go on here anymore. But i can't go on ur other bebo thing cause I'm not a member and I really don't want to sigh up!!! But I keep trying to call you and I haven't got a hold of you!!
Love ya!!!

meluvzmb said...

sorry Naomi!! Ok I have been outta town and haven't been able to talk but I'm callin U tonite:) Luv ya