Wednesday, September 24, 2008

so........ I'm on again :-)

Im so Happy I'm back on here :)So im at the library ughh it's so boring i wish i could actually get on the computer at my own house :( sniffle ...And I don't have to sit next to weird ppl that i don't know haha!!! anyway life has been quite borin let me tell you!!!OK so school started more babysitting annnd need I say more??? I don't think so !! LOL anyway Im babysittin tomorrow from eight in the morning to eight tomorrow night:)It will be fun i guess then i got major schoolwork and test to cram for because I missed that day :( saddness well I need to go (listen to my new song3> ) love ya byez


Katrin Elisabeth said...

Yay! You posted again! I miss ya and I want to shop with you again! Love ya!

meluvzmb said...

same i need to ask u sumpin 2 so call muahh :)