Saturday, December 13, 2008

***ChRiStMaS tImE***!!!!=-]

Yay Christmas time is finally HERE!!!:) We just put up our Christmas tree! I have been pretty busy X mas shopping and I gotta Angel tree girl this year that I'm buying stuff for... Pretty cool to try to help someone who doesn't have a lot of money to have a nice Christmas!!!So yeah i babysat last night...I think were going to some Christmas thing at the Creation Museum next week i dunno I'm just wanting X mas break to come around ha ha!!!I crammed with a bunch of test and all the good stuff that comes along with schoolwork!!:)I feel as if my post are becoming extremely boring!!! So I'll shall go and do something productive with my life!! laterz *LoVe Callie...*


Naomi said...

Oh...School sucks!!! Totally!! Yeah, like so totally not cool! I totally feel for you!!!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Hey! I guess I'll have to be honest. This is the first time I've been on your blog in a long time! lol I don't blame you for not getting on mine recently either. I did post today so you better check it out! :) Did you have a good Christmas? That's neat that you got an Angle Tree this year. Your cool. Your post are just like you're talking or something. Well, ttyl! :)

meluvzmb said...

haha I know now that I've got a facebook I never get on here!!=[ But yea I had a good Christmas! I went to My brothers house and visited and got to see Maggie...:) and that was fun .. Yeah tha angel tree was so fun to buy for !!! Ok so we need to hang out sometime sorry Im not very good at calling ppl back so thats why I have'nt called you cuz I have been busy and stuff If you got texting i woulb be able to talk to you a lot more! Cuz I don't have minutes...=[ well anywasy ill call u today:)